Trying Plan A (The Nissen Saga Continues…)

Tori’s follow-up appointment with pediatric surgery today went well. She slept through most of it. πŸ˜„

This was to discuss the results of the upper G.I. study that was conducted last week that showed that her Nissen is still intact, but that she was indeed refluxing past the wrap.


He was pleased with how the Nissen is working because he said that it did what it was supposed to do during the study: it was filled to capacity and, instead of her stomach “blowing up” (his words), it was forcing some of the barium to reflux up into her esophagus. 

Essentially, the issue seems to be that her stomach is emptying slower than they would like. Since she is throwing up milk sometimes two hours after her feeds, that is his best hypothesis without doing invasive testing. He said her stomach should be pretty empty after an hour, but given the nature of Krabbe it makes sense that it would be slowing down.

The surgeon presented five options, and we are going to start with the least invasive option: medicine.

We are going to start by giving her a tiny dose that will help her stomach empty faster without any other changes. 

Plan B is to adjust her feeds to be more continuous overnight (to start) – this means a slow rate over a much longer period of time, like 18 hours (not ideal, but better than the other three options).

Plans C-E are not as ideal so we won’t discuss those now πŸ˜‰ Those are last resort plans.

We will start the medicine as soon as we can get it and we are praying that it will resolve her issue with throwing up. ❀️

In Recovery…

Tori’s surgery went well and it took an hour LESS than expected! They were able to do everything laparoscopically so she won’t have any scars.

She is now sleeping in her recovery room and we are tempted to sleep as well. πŸ˜„ So thankful that she did so well!