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The Start Experiment, Round Two: Day Nine

Today, one of my wonderful fellow “Starters” posted something that almost made me cry because it spoke directly to my heart.

Know what isn’t the only reason you’re not working for your dreams? It isn’t always your fear that is preventing you from being successful. Sometimes it is your unwillingness to sacrifice. You’ve got to decide today that the pain of staying the same and not chasing your dream is costing you more than it would to chase it.  — Ashley Revely

Oh my. Between that and the email that Jon Acuff sent to those of us in Round Two today, I feel broken. In a good way. I forgot my journal at home, so I decided to just blog about it since I’m sure that others feel the same way and might need this encouragement.

Jon’s email today talked about not just settling for “jobs” when they’re not something that makes us feel alive and when they’re not part of our calling. I have done that my whole adult life. Every single job.

Funny “coincidence” that after I read that email I headed to an interview for a job that I could do and could do it well. But, it has nothing to do with the passions in my soul and my new-found mission in life. Same with the job I interviewed for last week. In fact, I honestly feel that accepting either of these jobs would be detrimental to my dream. Interesting what a new perspective can show you.

Ashley’s quote doesn’t only apply to my dream, though: it also applies to weight-loss and health. Before our wedding, perhaps because I had a goal, I lost 20 lbs and worked hard at it. I felt GREAT and loved what I saw in the mirror. I felt thin. After the wedding, I gained it all back PLUS some because I wasn’t willing to sacrifice things along the way. I’m realizing now that the cost of staying the same is far more painful than chasing my dream and working hard.

Today I’m going to break both my dream job and my dream of weighing 45 pounds less into simple steps and look at WHY I’m failing at weight loss. I know that most of it is due to lack of preparation and planning, but some is still due to laziness. What will it cost to pursue my dream and what sacrifices are necessary? I am thinking that any sort of permanent job is at the top of the list. I’m also thinking that getting up at 5am to ensure that I have plenty of focus-time will continue to be a must.

What is it costing me to stay the same? Joy, peace, self-image, contentment, passion.

What might it cost me to change? Time, effort, maybe financial sacrifice, trusting God a whole lot more.

The pain of staying the same is DEFINITELY costing me a lot. It’s time to sacrifice things that are standing in the way so that I can fully pursue what I am called to be.


Today was my third “hair donation” in the past five years (January 2007, September 2008, January 2011). I donated 9.5 inches this time–the first time was 10 inches, and the second time was 9. It’s so strange to barely be able to get my hair into a ponytail after having such LONG hair for the past six months. But, I love doing this!

I started growing my hair out and donating it because of women in my family who had started to do it (including my mom and my cousin Melanie–I know there are more…). I realized that this was such an easy way to help restore a woman’s dignity during her chemotherapy treatments and the resultant hair loss…

For the first donation (2007), my cousin Kristin and my friend Dannylle did it with me. We road-tripped up to NorCal for the weekend and donated our hair.

The second time was two months after I moved to Pennsylvania…and I don’t have any pictures of that process because I did it impulsively one day (and should have waited a couple of months). This was taken a couple of days afterward (with my former roommate).

This time, I had hoped to wait until April so that it would be slightly longer, and slightly warmer outside. 🙂 But, I got to the point where it just “had to go”, and my wonderful friend was able to cut it for me today!

Brennan and I have a cousin with cancer, and she just got her wig a little while ago…we saw her yesterday, and it renewed within me my desire to do this as long as I am able.

I really don’t say any of this to sound like I’m bragging–because I’m not. Not at all. I am just deeply moved by these women who are fighting such a terrible disease and have to lose their hair (a source of dignity and self-worth for women). If I can do something as simple as grow out my hair, I want to do it! 🙂

It takes an average of six donated ponytails to make one wig.

Consider doing this–yes, it takes a while, but it’s SO worth it! 🙂