Vision Therapy Fun

Tori’s vision therapist always finds really creative ways to stimulate Tori’s senses – today we celebrated Mardi Gras a bit early 🙂

Besides looking at various items, Tori felt and listened to the beads, felt the unique texture of the feathers, and enjoyed the essential oils we were diffusing. The only sense she didn’t use was taste. 🙂

We multi-tasked and had her in her stander during therapy, which also gave her a fresh perspective.

We are so thankful for all of her Early Intervention therapists!


Fasting, Prayer, and Vision Therapy

Today was mostly spent in silence as I tried to pray continually for Tori without distraction. Eventually I sang along to a couple of songs that were my prayers for the day  – My Heart is Yours (Passion) and Healer (Kari Jobe) – and then turned the radio back on (WordFM is always playing in our home). It was during the music time that I was brought to tears as I personalized the lyrics for Tori. 

Tori’s vision therapist, Miss Cheryl, came around 2:30pm and we confirmed that Tori likes the color yellow and loves lights.


Tori slept for six hours straight the last two nights so we are hoping this is her new pattern! Now that she is getting all of her calories during the day (since she isn’t throwing up), and now that we are learning how to stimulate her visually, maybe that helps. 

Today was another great day and we continue to pray for her complete healing.