We were so blessed by the entrance of Victoria (Tori) Ruth on July 30, 2014. We had prayed and prayed for over two years for a child, and the Lord answered that prayer with our beautiful daughter.


Our lives were forever changed by that event, but they were further changed when she began exhibiting symptoms of Krabbe in January 2015. There is no cure for Krabbe, only treatment if caught at birth. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania didn’t screen for Krabbe when Tori was born, and they still aren’t enforcing the law that was passed in 2014.

Her story can be read hereΒ and you can follow her story on Facebook here.

Our precious Tori went to Heaven on March 27, 2016 and is now free from Krabbe. We will not stop our fight until every child in the U.S. is screened for Krabbe at birth. Victoria means “victorious” and we WILL be victorious in this fight to save lives.

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