Lesa’s new fight…

As many of you know, I love to argue and debate…I would love to be a lobbyist someday, for I also love to persuade people that I am right 🙂 I did an internship with a lobbyist the summer after my senior year in high school…but anyway…

So I have a potential chance to fight and lobby, and it has made me excited.

When I entered APU, I was told that I did not have to take math because my SAT math scores were high enough to waive the requirement. Nonetheless, I tried to take calculus (since I had just passed AP Calculus with a 98% in the class, and I enjoyed it thoroughly), but they wouldn’t let me because I wasn’t a math major.

So, my junior year rolls around, haven’t had math since high school…and the registrar informs me that I have to take College Algebra to graduate. I was stumped as to what I could do…because I did not get the waiver in writing, they can’t accept my word. I PASSED AP CALC (aced it, really)!! And now they want me to take ALGEBRA?!

So now the fight is on. 🙂

I am going to find out what the score to waive math is…

then, I am going to obtain my academic records, with my SAT scores, to prove to them that they were indeed high enough.

I will sit down with someone in the registrar’s office and kindly persuade them to see things my way…

If they still will not allow me to waive this, then I will resort to another tactic…

Don’t yet know what that tactic will be…but I will come up with something! 🙂

I am excited! I will have to wait until summer, but that will give me something to do! If I get that class waived, I will be ecstatic…though I could use the 3 units to count toward graduation, it’s the principle of the thing, you know? They went back on their word…so I am going to call them on it.

Anyway, that has bettered my mood for the day. When I set my mind on doing something, it is hard to get me to change my mind. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted as the battle against College Algebra begins…

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