Strengths & Values


  • Objectivity – ability to see all sides and focus on facts rather than opinions
  • Connection and Persuasion – finding common ground and motivating others to collaborate and take action
  • Writing and Storytelling – ability to explain things through writing and to tell stories that need to be told
  • Tenacity/courage – being bold, even with unpopular opinions, and willing to pursue change

What Others are Saying About Lesa Brackbill:

“Lesa is someone who doesn’t jump to a quick conclusion, but instead researches, listens, and gleans information from multiple sources before making a judgement or decision. She is open to opposing views, and willing to have respectful conversations with those who may disagree. She is a strong advocate, and is willing to fight for what she believes is important. Lesa is kind, strong, and a joy to know!”

“Consensus building, self aware, willing to share her insecurities with others, positive, social media outgoing even though she claims to be an introvert.”

“The ability to see all sides of an issue. Thorough planning and execution of that plan. Empathy that leads to action. Calm and thoughtful.”

“Personal integrity, strong value for the truth, empathic listening, clear communication, resilience, faithfulness, the ability to balance truth and love, determination.”

“Lesa has so much grace in the face of opposition. When people are hurtful towards her, she maintains a position of love towards them, even if it involves removing herself, or them, from the situation. Lesa is able to state her opinion on controversial subjects clearly and back them up with facts. When others disagree and point out facts that contradict the ones Lesa has presented, she is able to listen to understand their point of view. It may not change her opinion, but she is willing and eager to understand where others are coming from.”

Strengths as perceived by others; responses gathered anonymously from social media.


Compassion: I believe in doing everything with compassion because everyone has a story and everyone has value. Kindness and truly caring for others makes a difference.

Consistency: I am a natural perfectionist learning to focus on consistency and progress, not perfection. I also believe in consistently offering excellence in whatever I do.

Integrity: I believe that integrity is one of the most important character traits one can attain. I strive to do the right thing, be honest at all times, and practice humility when I am wrong.

Understanding: I believe in Listening to Understand and practice it whenever possible. We must be willing to learn how others see the world, understand their reasoning, and be willing to compromise (or even change our mind) if we are to make progress in any area of life.

Wisdom: I believe in not only acquiring knowledge, but wisely applying it to the best of my ability. This includes changing course when I realize that I’m wrong about something.