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Fishing Trip #1 of 2006


Today was great! We drove 2 hours to Palomar Mountain State Park and fished in Doane Pond. I caught 4, but released 2. Mindi kept one of hers, which is why I am holding 3 in the picture.

A really nice gentleman saw me struggling with casting, so he took the time to teach me how to do it, and I was able to finally cast successfully! This was, after all, my first time fishing in a place where I actually had to cast. The last time was in a boat, and that requires a different kind of casting (where you don’t hurt the other people in the boat!).

Great day, great fellowship. 🙂 I love fishing! Posted by Picasa


Rusty and I with our fish…he was so nice tonight and cleaned the three fish that we kept–I just can’t handle it yet. It’s so gross! 🙂 But, I will have to learn eventually. Posted by Picasa

We’re Off!

Woo hoo! We’re leaving today for a weekend of camping, dirt-bike riding, target shooting, burning Christmas trees, etc…the only thing we won’t be doing is fishing–because we’ll be in the desert. 🙂

Yeah, it’s kind of a “Red Neck Weekend” I suppose…:)

Have a great weekend!

Great Weekend in NorCal…

Mindi and I had a great weekend in NorCal–though it was very rapid-paced and a great deal of driving was involved. Unbeliveably, I did not take a single picture this weekend! My cousin took some when we went fishing on Saturday morning, but other than that, no photos. We drove at least 1000 miles this weekend–probably more like 1200. It was great though! It’s hard to be bored when Mindi is around. 🙂

I’m now officially moved in–I have my bed, my dresser…for the first time in four years I feel like I have a home. It’s such a great feeling! I hooked up my wireless Internet today, so I have Internet on my computer again.

Weird weather here–definitely had green clouds today, which made me nervous. I was not really looking forward to a tornado. More green clouds are in the sky right now! Where do I live?

Busy week ahead, but it’s all good.

Going Camping…Again!

Tomorrow is the beginning of another wonderful weekend…we’ll be camping, fishing, relaxing…AND going to a Bluegrass Festival on Sunday! I am SO excited. It is going to be beautiful–and I am in need of another “mountain fix.” This is the last (planned) camping trip of the summer, and I am totally looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!

I’m Out!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend! We’re off to a weekend of fun, fishing, camping, laughing and enjoying God’s beautiful creation!

Please be praying for me–I might have a great opportunity for a job…May the Lord’s will be done!