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Wow, it’s hot in Los Angeles!

Oh my goodness. After being in below freezing temps for 4 days, I am absolutely roasting here! WOW! It’s 60 degrees right now. I suppose that’s better than 3 degrees–which was the temperature when I woke up on Saturday morning!

I’ll post more later–I’m just a bit tired. What a long, but fabulous week! The Inauguration was awesome, the ball was even more amazing. I’ll post a couple of pictures to hold you over for now. 🙂

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Things are falling into place! My “date” picked up our tickets for the ball today, as well as my tickets to the swearing in ceremony…my nails are done…I borrowed shoes that should be tall enough…I have a hair appointment…I have a beautiful dress…and at this time tomorrow I will be landing in Baltimore!!

I still cannot believe that this is happening! My roommates are probably really tired of hearing about this, so they’re probably glad that it will be over soon. 🙂

All my homework is done…all I have to do is finish classes and work today, pack, figure out which jewelery I am going to wear with my dress (white pearls or black pearls)…and get some rest…

I am so looking forward to this trip, to the experience, to the people with whom I will be visiting…and to being back in the city I loved so much (and the state of Pennsylvania, which I also love dearly)…

Details when I return!


Today was wonderful…75 degrees and sunny…AND, I found my dress for the Inaugural Ball!

Paige and I went shopping “early” this morning, and the third dress I tried on was “it”!

There will be pictures later, but for now, I want to keep it a surprise. But, I love it. It is very elegant, very classy…

Next mission: Find shoes to go with dress, with heels of at least 3 inches! (my dress is a bit long, especially since I am SO short).

Four days until D.C.!

Inaugural Ball Update!!

WOO HOO! I am going to a ball next week! My parents have offered to pay for me and my date to go next week! I will know for sure hopefully on Monday if I am not too late to respond to the invitation, and then it will be dress shopping time!! 🙂

I can’t wait to go to Washington, D.C.!