Definition of a Red-Neck

Okay, loyal readers…since there has been QUITE the debate going on about whether or not I am a redneck, I decided to find some definitions of rednecks…here is the fruit of my research…I put the things in bold that actually describe me (very few!):

“Being a redneck is being proud of your roots and a true love for your father’s name. Where family and friends are first and strangers are just a vague, dismal blur in the distance. Rednecks are good ol’ boys/gals who usually live in the south (usually in the country) and also tend to have a southern accent. Their necks are red and maybe their arms, too, cause they work hard and out in the heat all day.The group that is ridiculed by most, but deep down envied by all. Some types of rednecks may be cowboys/girls, mountain men/women, country boys/gals, and or hillbillys.

· Big truck tires, huntin’, fishin’, tractor pulls, country music, Charlie Daniels, and rebel flags are just a few words that might describe a redneck. They usually drive pickup trucks with loud sounds that can usually be heard before seen, and they also tend to blare country music from their radios. They usually add a CB radio to their truck and may have a gun rack in the back and an ol’ rebel flag flyin from the antennae or posted on their front or back winshield. It is hard to figure these people out. Most people just can’t understand how you can have such a weird lifestyle of cowboy hats and buckles.

· Many Rednecks love the ol’ T.V. show called “dukes of hazzard” and western shows. They are very laid back and tend to piss people off when they drive too slow or too fast down the road in their ol’ pickup trucks.

· They love women/men (preferrably Cowgirls/boys), country music, wearin’ jeans, wearin’ boots (may be leather), wearin’ a cowboy hat, yellin’ yyyyyeeeehhhhhaaaaaawwwwww! out loud, shootin’ the bull (talkin and telling some stories), fishin’, huntin’ watching wrestlin’, watchin’ or goin’ to NASCAR races, watchin’ baseball, or watchin’ football.

· Rednecks may also like the rodeo. They love ridin’ horses or bulls, or ropin’ calves. Most Rednecks can usually be found at or off your local gravel road, in Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and maybe even in other southern states. They will be found on or near your local farm, at a bar (playin pool), local rodeo event and or stock show. The Redneck diet may include t-bone, tender loin, beef, beef stew, cajun food, Burger King, pizza, and maybe some good ol’ peach cobbler fer desert.

· Things that make a redneck mad: somebody stealin’ his healthy horse, making a promise which you can’t keep, cuttin’ down rodeo evernts, and much more.

· Things that really piss a redneck off is: stealin’ his cowgirl, a male hitting a female, a male cheating on a female, child abuse, abortions (child killers), beatin’ up his haas(word which means buddy), messin with his family, and much more. I tell ya, most rednecks like to fight for their woman and/or to defend their own honor. And i guarantee you if a true redneck sees you do one of the things in this list that redneck will whoop your @ $ $ right then and there

· Rednecks know how to treat women. Rednecks know how to respect, love, and care about females. True Rednecks love females for who they are and would never cheat on them. A True redneck would never hit or injur a female. White trash lies to females, cheat on them, beat them, get them pregnant and then leave them (A redneck believes a white trash person like this should be hung by their “YOU KNOW WHAT”)

· How can your friends be more important than yourself? This might be a question from a typical non-redneck. Where the outdoors are loved and where blue-collar labor is not looked down on but a way of life. Where hard hats are worn instead of pocket protectors. Where steel toe boots are worn instead of nice loafers. Where blue jeans and a flannel are preferred to a nice coat and tie. Rednecks are the people that make the world go round!” (from

The only thing I do is watch NASCAR and attend races of all kinds! I think that proves me right!! 🙂

Just wanted to clear that up…

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