The Life and Times of Lesa Close…

Updates on a few things…


I spent my last two summers in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, as a “Summer Missionary” through the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (a mouthful, I know! 🙂 ), and I loved being there, experiencing everything that I experienced, spending time with amazing people, and doing what I was doing. I realized as this summer began that it was going to be difficult to not be involved in full-time ministry this summer–since that had been my life for the past two. This also is the first summer that I have ever worked full-time, and I was concerned about how I would deal with it…(and I’m doing fine with that 🙂 )

Well, God answered that unspoken prayer!

Each week, so far, more doors of opportunity have opened for me to be involved with my church here in Glendora, or with churches back home. Last night, I walked through another door, and it made me realize that I am basically a summer missionary again–which is great. It’s what I wanted, right?

We had a Vacation Bible School (VBS)planning meeting last night, and rather than solely teaching the music portion this year (as I have done for the past 8 or 9 years), I am also teaching 5th grade (kids who just finished 4th grade). I’m very nervous about this–as I will probably have 20 kids in my class, and I’ve never taught this age group.

If you have ANY suggestions for this age–please let me know!

I will be leading two Bible studies each day, plus doing music and crafts in the class room. I’m not all that good at crafts, so that will be an interesting portion of the class, LOL. I’ll have to find something easy! 🙂

I began to look through the material last night, and I definitely feel overwhelmed–but I also am excited because I love this stuff…I love my church here…it is like a family, and most of the members actively participate in the church activities and ministries, making it so much fun! It’s awesome!

So all this to say that God makes me smile 🙂 He has a way of giving us what we need before we even realize that we need it! I needed to be involved this summer, and though I am going to be so busy with camp planning, youth group stuff each week, and VBS, I love it all!


Things with my roommates, Jessica and Erin, are going really well…SO much better than previous living arrangements! I am SO thankful! Last night, Erin and I laid in bed talking until after 1am, getting to know each other better. It is so awesome to be with two girls who are so sweet, so loving, so GENUINE…:) I couldn’t have asked for a better living situation for the summer!


One week from today my brother graduates from high school…I can’t wait to see my family! I’ll get to see my 18-month old cousin as well, and I am so excited about that. He is the cutest, most wonderful child! I also can’t wait to see my family at our annual reunion in July…I have been blessed with an incredible family!

That’s life for Miss Lesa Close right now…things are going well. 🙂

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