Newt Remembered Me!!

Okay, so the highlight of my otherwise not-so-good day was definitely seeing former Speaker Newt Gingrich today, in Yorba Linda.


He was at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library today, doing a lecture and then signing his new book, Grant Comes East, which is the second book in his trilogy about the Civil War, and what would have happened if the South had won. Anyway, I was fifth in line (because I was there an hour early), and the people in line found out that I had worked for him (I can’t imagine how! LOL), so that was fun to talk with them about Newt.


So, it was my turn in line, and he looked up after seeing my name on the paper and said “Well, hello!” That alone made my day! He said “you look like you’re doing fabulous!” (Smiles)…we talked for about a minute, then I asked where Rick (his Communications Director) was, and went to look for him.


Rick was (happily) shocked to see me–he hadn’t received my email yet–and we talked for awhile. I got my picture taken with him, because he is the only person at the Gingrich Group that I had not been able to say goodbye to, and get a picture with.


So anyway, that was seriously a great experience!! It made my day LOADS better! 🙂

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