I love my church…

Today was my first Sunday back at my church here in Glendora in three weeks (because of traveling, I was at my home church for those weeks). I was really looking forward to it, because I love the church and my church family…and I was not disappointed.


It was so awesome to be back up on worship team, and not because I was singing (though, of course, I do love to do that as well). I love being up there, watching the congregation worship the Lord, and during the greeting times I love to watch the love and the fellowship that takes place. My church is truly a FAMILY…which is more than I could have asked for in a church! There are no age barriers–the elderly interact with the young, the young love to spend time with those who are both older and younger…it is so great.


I realized today just how blessed I have been by this church body…though it is fairly good sized, most people had noticed that I had been gone and came to talk to me and welcome me back. We always have a time in the service for praises and prayer requests, and today the time was given to the team that just returned from a week on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona…hearing their amazing stories of God at work in the lives there was so encouraging…and hearing about the conditions they lived in (monsoon rain, primitive housing, etc), I was even more amazed by the amount of people who go back each year (this was the 12th year going there).


A few days ago I posted about being at a crossroads of sorts, where the Lord was calling me to pray and consider some major life decisions that were completely unexpected. Well, I never said what those were.


More and more I am realizing just how much I would love to be in youth ministry full-time. Each day, the idea of seminary is becoming more appealing…and exciting…and it is still so strange to me, because prior to my long drive on July 5th, I would have told anyone that I was NOT going to graduate school, because I am so tired of being in school…but the Lord works in mysterious ways. That driving experience was the beginning of some intense changes in my life that the Lord is calling me to. Youth ministry is calling my name, while I thought all this time that I was going to be involved in politics…and, perhaps I still will be! At this point, I have NO idea where the Lord is leading me. And I am content with that, because I am learning more each day that it is best to just let Him handle things, while I follow His lead.


So, yeah. My church is an incredible group of (of course, imperfect) people, dedicated to serving the Lord with the gifts they have been given…and I love that.

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