Wow…what a week!

Yesterday was awesome…

It was the last day of Vacation Bible School–which, surprisingly enough, was a little sad! We had a “Cherry Blossom Festival” last night, and the kids performed for their families all the songs we’ve learned…

…and you know what almost made me cry? It wasn’t seeing all those kids, especially the preschoolers, singing praises to the Lord–though that was really moving as wel!! It was seeing my boys up there, singing, smiling, doing the hand-motions, etc., not causing problems…actually enjoying themselves.

After they sang, they came down and gave me high-fives. These boys, who earlier yesterday were “too cool” for this, and were constantly hitting each other, etc.–except when they saw me looking straight at them–were SINGING…amazing!

Pastor Tom asked the kids to say what their favorite thing about the week had been, and only one kid said “my teacher”…that was one of my boys! After a week of constantly having to tell them to behave, to listen, etc., it turns out that I did gain their respect! Seriously, those 10 minutes last night made it worth all the preparation, all the trouble, all the frustration…everything. I almost cried!

Yesterday afternoon I had four youth over for pizza, swimming, a movie, and good times. I had some good conversations with each of them throughout the day, and while I had them there I realized just how much I love this…I love spending time with these young people, building relationships and trying to be an example. Two of the kids are a former professor’s sons, and it was so awesome to hear their wisdom and their insight–it’s quite remarkable for their age!

This week taught me a lot…

…one thing I’ve come to realize is that I’m not as bad at teaching as I thought I was. Even though it took me a lot of preparation and focused time of study, once I got in the classroom, it wasn’t so bad! Those who observed my interaction with these 5th-6th graders said that I was good with them…so that meant a lot to me, because I definitely was convinced that the opposite was true!

…and, like I’ve said before, I’ve come to realize that I love these kids so much! I don’t know them very well, but my heart just breaks for them when I hear about their situations…when little comments are made to me throughout the week, giving me an insight into their home life…and all I can do is pray.

I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes me…but I am certain that youth ministry will be a part of the picture somehow!

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