To watch TV or not to watch TV?

As I have been pondering what living a holy life means for me personally, one thing that the Lord encouraged me to do was to fast from secular entertainment (music, TV, and movies)…

Today is the “last day” of my fast (which I know that I have not announced on here that I was even doing that…that was intentional, since Jesus tells us to not advertise our fasting)…

I have not watched TV in a month, and have only watched one movie (and that was with my youth group)…and you know what I have discovered? I really haven’t missed it!

I am going to pray some more about the next course of action; however, I believe that I will probably pay just enough attention to what is going on to be able to relate to the youth with which I work, so that I am not “out of touch,” but that I will not watch TV/movies much at all.

It’s just not worth my time, honestly. An occasional movie will be enjoyable, but really, I have noticed just how much more time I have had! So much more time for reading, reflecting, praying, spending time with friends and family…THOSE are the important things in life to me. I know that movies are an art-form, and that most are meaningful…but, I just don’t really know that I want to consume my time with that form of entertainment! I’d much rather spend 30 minutes conversing with my roommates than watching a sitcom on television.

To clarify: This does NOT mean that I look down upon those who do choose to watch these things! AT ALL! This is a personal conviction, and I honestly don’t care what others do with their time. I just wanted to make that clear–if you watch TV, that’s totally fine! 🙂 I know that some may take offense at this post, or think that I am making a jab at others–but honestly, I am not doing any such thing!

I think that I will follow the wisdom in Psalm 119:37–

“Turn my eyes away from worthless things;

preserve my life according to your word.”

And Psalm 101:2a-3b

“I will be careful to lead a blameless life…I will set before my eyes

no vile thing.”

Life leads us on interesting journeys, and I anxiously await

discovering where the Lord will next lead me!

2 thoughts on “To watch TV or not to watch TV?

  1. I won’t say that after I came to call Jesus my Lord, that I felt convicted about tv, but in fact, at about that time, I stopped watching.There is very little on the television that glorifies God in anyway, and I find that I am not much interested in things that do not edify the Body or glorify God.I am disgusted by a lot of which is on the tube these days, and just do not watch. The only tv I watch is possibly the news, but even then I get most of that online.When I go on business trips and have access to the tv, I channel surf for hours and it is always affirmed that “I don’t miss tv”.I don’t necessarily think that a Christian needs to give up tv altogether, because it is one of those things that God will deal with on a personal level. If what you watch causes you to think thoughts that aren’t Godly, it is not the right type of program to watch and the reverse could be said to be true. It takes some discernment on the part of any Christian as to what they allow to “enter” their mind. If garbage is in there, how can you “love God with all your mind”?


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