22 years and counting…

Today was a great birthday, filled with non-stop events (not for my birthday!).

I spent the past three days in San Jose, at the annual Southern Baptist “State Youth Conference” (SYC). It was my 8th or 9th conference, this time as a counselor. Unfortunately, my youth group from Glendora was unable to make it up to the conference because of mudslides and snow that closed the roads out of Los Angeles. So, I stayed with my best-friend Duane’s youth group and hung out with them. Jeremy Camp led worship, and it was an awesome experience, as always.

Pictures below.

I’m so exhausted, I really don’t know how I’m even still awake! We drove 3.5 hours today, stopped at the Jelly Belly store in Vacaville, then headed home. My mom made one of my favorite meals for my birthday dinner, and it was great. 🙂

I just can’t believe that I’m 22 years old! It doesn’t seem possible! May this new year be just as wonderful as 2004, and may I continue to grow in my walk with the Lord and in my growth as a person.


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