I know that I have written about my desire to be married in the future…and today it really occured to me why being married is so desireable to me, perhaps this reason more than any other!

I want to have a best-friend again…I want to live with someone who is excited to hear about my day…who cares about my innermost thoughts and passions…who wants to hang out with me…I really just would love to have that kind of an intimate friendship–knowing that it will last forever.

I have been really frustrated lately, because the Lord has allowed two “best friends” to leave my life completely, leaving me with many good friends, but no “best friend.” And it’s hard. I know there is a reason, but it’s so hard, especially living with girls who have their own “best friends”, and often feeling left out…

But enough whining. Someday I will have a best friend again. I’m not going to waste my life feeling sorry for myself! 🙂

Things are beginning to look really good regarding D.C. and a future move there. May the Lord direct my path!

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