And the real summer begins…

Wow…I am finally back in the “real world” after eight amazing weeks in the mission field (Tunisia and camp)…I am SO exhausted, but it has all been more than worth it. Camp was phenomenal! The youth that we had at “Mission Camp” (week 1) were absolutely incredible and a total inspiration to me. I love them all dearly and cannot wait to see where the Lord leads them!

Last night was my first wedding of the summer (5 more to go!). Todd and Paige are now married! It was a beautiful wedding, and I am so excited for the two of them. Leslie and I ended up as guestbook attendants, and were seated at the head tables. It was so fun!

Today I was asked to sing at my roommate’s wedding in August, in Washington (near Canada). I am SO honored and excited! It will be such a great experience to see her, to see other friends from D.C., and to bring music to this wedding. I’ve never sung at a wedding before!

Other news: I was asked to be the “Interim Youth Director” at my church in Glendora for at least two months. This is going to be extremely challenging for many reasons. It is a paid position, which relieves some of the financial strain I have been feeling…but it is going to be difficult!

More to come…so many thoughts running through my head about everything. Life is WONDERFUL!

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