Wow…what a week! I had 20 days to find teachers and put together Vacation Bible School for my church, and with God’s gracious help, it happened! It was a very successful week…the kids had a great time, the teachers really enjoyed it…The comment I heard most from teachers was that they loved how organized it was–I can’t imagine it being any other way! I love being organized and I love organizing big events such as this.

Anyway, the youth group may also benefit from this week, because so many of the middle school kids want to come back. I did some major promoting with them this week, gave them a calendar of August events, talked to them about weekly youth group meetings, etc. May the Lord do what He desires in this situation!

Leslie is getting married today…at 4pm…WOW! I leave in a couple of hours for the wedding…number 3 of the summer. This one will be one of the most beautiful and most special to me, though, for many reasons. Congratulations Leslie and Stuart!

More later…lots to do to get ready for today, and to get ready to move again (I’m housesitting for 3 weeks (for three different people), and I have to move to the next house tomorrow)…

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