I Don’t Get It!

Tonight, as I was catching up on the news (it’s been a few days), I was blown away by some of the stories! Most of all, what is up with the Bush administration even considering allowing the U.A.E. to have control of some of our ports?! There has got to be some incredibly brilliant explanation for this, an explanation that no one is aware of at this time. I just don’t get it. Can anyone give me one good reason that we should give a terror-linked country access to our ports?

The other story that blew my mind is from good ol’ San Francisco–the city that gives California such a bad rap. What is with the supervisor there who stated that he thinks the U.S. should NOT have a military? At least the Chronicle came out with an article that combats what Sandoval had to say–and they were level-headed about it!

There were so many other stories that left me basically in awe. What is happening in this country? I love politics. I received my bachelor’s degree in Political Science. But, these kinds of stories make me want to just stay out of politics–because apparently I just don’t get it.

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