Are They SERIOUS?!

From a Capitol Resource Institute e-mail…I am in awe (and not a “good” awe)…

Outrageous Bill Forcing Pro-Homosexual Message in Public Schools Passes Education Committee

Today SB 1437 (Kuel, D-Los Angeles), the most outrageous bill in the California legislature this year, passed from the Senate Education Committee.

SB 1437 requires textbooks to highlight the positive contributions of homosexual and transgender individuals to society and would prevent textbooks, teaching materials, instruction, and “school- sponsored activities” from reflecting adversely upon persons based on their sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender.

“This bill is the most extreme effort thus far to transform our public schools into institutions of indoctrination that disregard all notions of the traditional family unit,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. “SB 1437 seeks to eliminate all ‘stereotypes’ of the traditional family so that young children are brainwashed into believing that families with moms and dads are irrelevant.”

SB 1437 not only affects textbooks and instructional materials for kindergarten and grades 1-12, it also affects all school-sponsored activities.

“School-sponsored activities include everything from cheerleading and sports activities to the prom,” said England. “Under SB 1437 school districts would likely be prohibited from having a ‘prom king and queen’ because that would show bias based on gender and sexual orientation.”

“Under SB 1437 school districts would also likely have to do away with dress codes and would have to accommodate transsexuals on girl-specific or boy- specific sports teams.”

The full effects of SB 1437 are broad and sweeping.

“SB 1437 disregards the religious and moral convictions of parents and students and will result in reverse discrimination,” said England.

CRI is committed to opposing legislation that uses our children as social-experiments and tramples upon long-standing traditional family values.

What Does “Gender” Mean?

CRI stated that SB 1437 will result in public schools being forced to accommodate transgender children on opposite-sex sports teams and that school textbooks would have to be revised to eliminate references to “mom and dad,” “husband,” “wife,” or other notions of a traditional family unit.

The reason these scenarios are real possibilities is because schools would be prohibited from casting any negative light on “actual or perceived” gender or sexual orientation.

Gender is defined, under California law, to include either the gender the pupil was born as or the gender the pupil perceives him/herself as (i.e., “actual or perceived gender”).

When SB 1437 prohibits discrimination based on gender, this doesn’t simply mean that girls and boys have to be given the same amount of homework. Because of the definition of gender, stated in the bill, public schools will have to accommodate transgender students and treat this behavior as normal and acceptable. Public schools will also have to encourage other students to do the same, regardless of their personal religious convictions or the convictions of their parents.

SB 1437 goes beyond dealing with “violence prevention” and “student safety.” It actively seeks to transform thoughts and attitudes of students to fully embrace transsexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality.

What Will Happen if SB 1437 Becomes Law?

Just to give you an idea of how completely outrageous this bill really is, here is a quote from a proponent of SB 1437.

Aejaie Sellers, executive director of the Billy DeFrank LGBT Center in Santa Clara told the San Jose Mercury News that she thinks SB 1437 – requiring gay and lesbian history lessons for students – is fantastic idea.

“Gays throughout history should be recognized, Who knows that the author of ‘America the Beautiful,’ Katharine Lee Bates, was gay?”

What will happen in history class if SB 1437 becomes law? Our children will be told that many historical figures allegedly had sex with persons of the same sex and that this is okay, regardless of what your parents or religious beliefs tell you.

And, what if it’s not conclusively proven that a certain historical figure was a practicing homosexual – will this be inferred? Will our school children be told, based on scanty information, that U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was homosexual?

“Not only has U.S. history been watered down and disregarded in our public schools, but now the precious little classroom time that is actually devoted to U.S. history will be spent teaching children that this or that historical figure slept with someone of the same sex and that is okay,” said Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute.

“The author of SB 1437, Senator Kuhel, has declared that she wants ‘open discussions’ about homosexuality in the classroom,” said England. “It is time for parents and taxpayers across California to stand up and denounce the hijacking of our public schools by extreme political activists.”

“Our children deserve to be educated. The indoctrination needs to stop now!”

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