Busy Week…

I am so thankful that the week is almost done! It has been absolutely hectic for me, in a good way mostly.

Yesterday was our “Christmas Extravaganza” at work, and we did four performances. At each one, I performed “All is Well”–and, praise the Lord, each one went perfectly! I was amazed that I was not nervous at all…and I was also amazed and humbled at the reactions I received from people. Everyone was incredibly impressed–which was so humbling! I know that my voice and musical talent are gifts from the Lord, and I do not take them for granted. I prayed yesterday morning that the Lord would give me His peace and His voice to sing, and He truly did. I was not nervous at all! 🙂 Yay!

In between our performances, we had a break for lunch…so I went back to my desk, and my supervisor called me over. She informed me that she (along with my manager) wanted me to apply for one of the open team leader positions TODAY, as they are interviewing this week and they want me to be in on it. Talk about stress! I have been overwhelmed as it is…

So, today was spent adding to my resume, applying for the position, and prepping for interviews…of course, my mentor is out of town this week, so he isn’t here for this excitement! I did email him, and we’ve been in contact that way…

Our goal with all this isn’t to get me into a position right away (though that would be cool). The goal is to gain more visibility, more exposure, so that the next time around, they will automatically think of me. That means that there is less pressure, but I still must make a great impression…and it is all in the Lord’s hands. I cannot do this on my own–especially with everything on my plate right now.

Today was our department Christmas breakfast, and we did a “White Elephant” gift exchange. I’ve never done that with 100 people! SOOOO fun. 🙂 I ended up with a cool gift–that no one stole, which was nice. I just sat back and watched the craziness.

Other than that…not much going on. Oh, we had a youth group event tonight–a Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt…which was great. My team came in 2nd place–only by a technicality. Not bad!! 🙂

Tomorrow will be another “Office” party (for the show, not work)…two of my wonderful friends from church will be joining me for our weekly “Office” indulgence–and not only Thursday, but Sunday as well 🙂 I love that show–and I love these friends!

All in all, God is great, and I am so blessed…thank you, Lord! 🙂


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