So much to ponder…

The Lord has truly responded to my prayer to be “uncomfortable”, and He’s using so many different books/experiences/people to challenge me!

It started in January, with our “M3” training day for all APU mission team leaders…I walked away that day with a fresh perspective on the Lord’s call on my life (missions), as well as some new things to ponder…and I’m still pondering them…

The weekend after that was “Passion”…again, challenging stuff presented there…still trying to work through it all, deciding how to apply it to my life…

Currently, I’m reading “The Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne…wow…talk about humbling…and challenging…

Then, there was the retreat this weekend, for all the APU mission teams (pictures can be found here, here, and here–there are three albums, LOL)…amazing time getting to know my team–as well as other leaders…but there were also some really challenging times–seeing the world in new ways…and I am not the same after this weekend.

I am loving this journey, this time of being “uncomfortable”…and I know that there is more to come! Praise the Lord! I am so excited about growing, learning, and becoming continually more like Jesus…

I’ll try to blog about more specific things that happened this weekend at some point…I think I’m getting sick (sore throat right now), so I’d better just rest…

God is so good… ๐Ÿ™‚

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