Back in California…

We returned safely from New Orleans on Thursday (the 19th), and are still recovering from our amazing experience…our team blog is still functioning, so check it out as we continue to process all that we have seen and experienced.

Last night I went to my own “funeral” 🙂 I was completely surprised (which is a feat, for those who know me) when I walked into a goodbye party (where everyone was wearing black, there were R.I.P. signs everywhere, etc.) that was thrown by the youth group. SO sweet! I still can’t believe that Kevin didn’t let on at all, even though I was with him the entire afternoon/evening. Now, of course, things make sense 🙂 Anyway, I felt so loved, so special…and it was really an amazing time with friends and youth group kids.

I move in a little under three weeks…and it’s absolutely surreal to me. I am looking forward to it, but am also feeling more emotional as the days pass by. I’ve lived here for nearly 7 years, and so much has happened here…so many memories…but, I am ready for the new chapter that the Lord has waiting for me.

I’ll try to blog more soon–too many moving details to take care of… 🙂 Check out the team blog, and check out the links to pictures! 🙂

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