Sarah Palin…

I have been doing some extensive reading about the political accomplishments of Gov. Sarah Palin from Alaska–and have been nothing short of impressed. This woman has brought some incredible reforms to her state and has changed “politics as usual”…and I think McCain has made a genius choice for a running mate.

I must admit that I had never paid attention to Alaskan politics in the past, but after reading about Gov. Palin today, I am intrigued. Some may say that the VP is just a figurehead–but I don’t see this woman as the type to just sit around and observe what’s going on: she is the type to step up and take action to clean up the messes around her.

I’m much more excited about this election each day–first, with Obama choosing Biden (because to me, it seems like McCain’s chances just went up), and now with McCain choosing amazing Sarah Palin, it’s shaping up to be an interesting election! 🙂


[Update: Been reading about the Dems response, about her lack of experience with foreign policy and how it’s the same as Obama’s…um, slight difference–she’s a VP candidate, not a Presidential candidate. I think that’s an okay difference!]

4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin…

  1. Is it really okay? The VP is suppose to be prepared to take leadership if need be. McCain is no young buck; he has had his share of health concerns. Heaven forbid, but if something happened to him she WOULD be president.


  2. Well, I also know that no president makes decisions on his own–he surrounds himself with a team (cabinet and advisors) to help him make the best possible decisions. So, the same would be the case with her–she would put a team together that would be able to advise her.


  3. Then why can’t the team of cabinet members and advisors also fill in any perceived gaps for Obama? The same resources are there, but people have been so hard on Obama for his inexperience from the beginning.


  4. I agree–I guess not everyone is as smart as we are! 😉 The cabinet is important to ANY president–otherwise they wouldn’t have them 🙂


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