Hurricane Gustav…

Today is a gorgeous, cloudless day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania–the kind of day when you long to be outside in the sunshine…but I just can’t enjoy the weather fully, knowing that tomorrow Hurricane Gustav is going to hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast…

Names of people we grew to love keep coming to mind…Miss Linda…Pastor Walker…The Taylors…The Oliviers…Jimmy…Brunilda…and so many more. How are they doing? Did they get out of the city? And I can’t help but wonder how the homeless men and women we met are going to get out of the city…

Now the city is more than just buildings to our team–it’s made of real people who are about to endure another terrible storm. Who knows if the levees will hold! Who knows if all the improvements to the canals and the pumps have worked…this storm is the first test of all the work over the past three years.

It breaks my heart to think that all of the hard work that has been done to rebuild New Orleans might be washed away by this storm…but I am reminded that God is in control and He will take care of His people…

All we can do is pray–and we ask you to join with us as we pray for our beloved New Orleans…

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