Today is the first day that I have felt discouraged…and it surprised me, because I became discouraged after a great interview at a lobbying firm. They said they won’t be making a decision for at least two weeks due to their workload right now…and for some reason, that immediately made me feel discouraged about being out here, even though I think they really like me. 

I have to remember that I KNOW I’m here for a reason, and that God clearly led me here. He isn’t going to abandon me! He has been completely faithful thus far and I have been fed, clothed, housed. 

But I’m still fighting discouragement…

In other, happier news–“The Office” season four came out on DVD today, and two of my friends are coming over tonight to watch it. I preordered mine from Best Buy, so I was able to pick it up at 10am today. We had a two-day “Office” marathon this weekend, so we are ready for season 4! 

It’s going to be a good night 🙂

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