Weekend in California…

I traveled for 18 hours (and 6,000 miles) this weekend–and am still recovering. It was strange to be in Southern California only two months after I left, but it was filled with good fellowship and amazing friends. My New Orleans team pitched in to fly me out for the APU Missions Celebration–and it was so great to be back with my team…sharing memories, catching up on each other’s lives, and talking about the “what now”…what do we do with all that we experienced in New Orleans?

I was also able to spend time with my closest friends–and that was exactly what I have needed. Moving to Pennsylvania has been quite lonely at times–which I know is completely normal, since I just moved to a brand new place. So it was wonderful to be with close friends. 

While I was on a plane, I had plenty of time to think and to reflect on life…and I’ve come to realize that I have nothing to fear with being in Pennsylvania, unemployed: the Lord clearly brought me out here, so despite the periods of loneliness and unemployment, I can fully trust Him to continue to provide for all my needs! He hasn’t let me down, ever, so why would He now? 🙂 I’ll share more of the reflections later…

It was a great weekend, but it’s great to be “home” 🙂

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