A few thoughts…

So, I keep reading articles and hearing stories about how Sarah Palin does not represent “most women”, and how she’s actually causing women to take a “step backwards”. What the heck?! Who decided that “most women” support abortion (among the other arguments I’ve seen)? And why on earth does Palin’s candidacy mean that women are taking a step backwards?! I’ve seen articles about Palin being against “rights for women”. That is a bunch of bologna! Where do these people come up with this stuff?

I am an educated, pro-life (or as the left would say, “anti-choice”) woman, and I have thoroughly researched the campaign issues of the day. I choose who I support based upon their voting record, their policies, and their values. Just because I’m not a Hillary Clinton-ite, or a feminist, doesn’t mean that I’m less of a woman for that. I’m not unintelligent, and I’m not someone who jumps on the bandwagon. And I’m voting for Sarah Palin.

If anyone on the “right” ever said anything like this about women on the “left”, I KNOW the media would pounce on those individuals! 

And that’s all I’m going to say about that for now…

One thought on “A few thoughts…

  1. (this comment is in regards to this post and the post above it)

    See, I am a feminist and I don’t think anyone can have it all. When you choose to have a family, both the man and the woman must set priorities, negotiate responsibilities, etc.

    I don’t think that Palin represents working women, especially mothers. Most working mothers cannot take their children to work with them.

    I would contend that Palin is against certain rights for women. She’s anti-abortion (I can’t say pro-life since she does support the death penalty), denying women the right of choice. She’s anti-comprehensive sex education, denying both men and women information on which to base decisions about sex. She is opposed to birth control, and while I don’t think she would legislate that opinion, such ideas deny women the right to take control of their bodies. So, while you might agree with one or more of these issues, this is where some women are coming from.

    I think it’s interesting how the right is starting to say they are feminist (not you, but some see Palin as a feminist proto-type) when she is not feminist at all. While she manages to work and have a family, that is not this generation of feminist’s key concerns. Her situation is not normative, and if anything, she represents privilege and exception rather than an example for women.


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