Life Continues On…

The weather these past few days has been absolutely lovely…perfect, really. I have really enjoyed spending some time outside, treasuring each sunny, warm day–because I know that winter will soon be here, and I probably only have a month of glorious weather left. 🙂 

Job update: still unemployed. Yeah. It’s been a rough week, and I’ve felt very discouraged…but, I have a few new leads that sound like awesome opportunities, so I’m praying that the Lord will bless me with one of them! God has consistently provided for all of my needs, and it has been an amazing lesson in learning to trust Him. 

Church update: I’m fairly certain that I’ve found the church I will attend! Still praying about it…but it seems like a great church with an amazing pastor (who preaches the Gospel and the Truth–and I walk away each Sunday with something new to ponder)…

Politically, it’s interesting living in a “swing” state. I’ve been learning a lot about Pennsylvania politics lately, and have found that it’s strikingly similar to California–in that two cities (Philly and Pittsburgh) control the entire state politically, even though the rest of the state is rural and mostly Republican. Yeah–that’s just like California! Also, I have found that Governor Rendell caters to Philadelphia with pretty much everything he does. While Governor Schwarzenegger doesn’t cater to L.A. and S.F., past governors have most definitely done so. I am enjoying learning about way my new state runs politically 🙂 

On a national level, I’m ready for this election to be over. I have been so amazed at the unashamedly biased media, and with all the schemes that are being pulled. Like someone hacking into Palin’s email? That’s a complete invasion of privacy! Yet, you don’t hear the media slamming the incident as much as I think they would had it been Obama’s email. Nope–not biased at all. I just am tired of the political machine, and I can’t wait until my generation steps in and changes the way politics are done. I have great hope that we will be the ones who push aside partisan politics and stop fighting partisan battles. That’s not what it’s about! That’s not at all what our Founding Fathers intended, I believe. Anyway, November 4th can’t come soon enough. 

Other news: I’m not very good at “being still”, but I’ve had a lot of time to practice lately. 🙂 Being unemployed has been such a challenge for me! I would much rather be busy and be occupied all day with tasks and assignments…but, instead, I’ve had many days with nothing to do…and I’m learning to appreciate this time. 

All in all, life is good. As my favorite Ginny Owens song states, “You never said it would be easy–You only said I’d never go alone.” And that is indeed true in my life. 🙂 It’s not easy, but I know He’s in control, and He’s right by my side.

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