Amazing Opportunity for You!

My friends Jedd and Janelle Schroy started an incredible organization over a year ago that will truly make a difference in the developing world, called Paradigm Shift. They have now launched a new initiative to bring others alongside them to help those in poverty. 

From their site


But maybe you’ve noticed…most organizations only do development OR evangelism, not both. And we all know that one without the other is an incomplete message.Now you can do both – at the same time – by giving 2 twenties or 4 tens or 40 ones…that’s it. Forty bucks. Everyone has forty bucks.

Your Forty will fund the training, discipleship and business expansion of one South African entrepreneur which will translate into that family gaining an opportunity OUT of both physical and spiritual poverty. 

With just forty bucks. Now THAT’S a Forty Story, don’t you think?

I’d encourage you to pray about joining with them to help the people of South Africa! What an awesome opportunity we have to share the love of Jesus while tending to the physical needs of His people!

Just a thought… 🙂

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