The Events of the Evening…

As many of you may know, I was in a pretty bad car accident (my first) tonight–but by the grace of God, I walked away with only incredible soreness. 

I was driving home from work, as usual, and was in traffic, as usual. There was no snow, no ice (people keep asking that). There’s a point in my commute where it splits into two freeways, and I take the one to the left. This freeway is always backed up, so I always expect to be stopped for awhile. Tonight, as I was sitting there completely stopped, I looked down to find my gloves, and the next thing I knew my car was smashed into another car. A girl had rear-ended me, at a pretty good speed, which slammed me into the car in front of me. I was stunned, because it happened so fast and I didn’t know what had happened. I noticed that my ashtray had flown out of the dashboard and was at my feet–and I think that’s a pretty good indicator of force, because the ashtray isn’t easily removed. 

My neck was sore immediately, and I knew that wasn’t good. So I called my dad and was talking to him while crying uncontrollably (probably from the shock). Thankfully, no one else was hurt (though four cars were involved)! And, because I was in between them all, my car is most likely totaled. It is so smashed! My driver’s side door wouldn’t open, and the trunk barely did. I’m going to take pictures tomorrow, if I get a rental car by then. 

The state troopers arrived immediately it seemed like, and they were so kind! They had us start our cars (to make sure that they could start), and drive off the freeway (about 1/4 mile). I could barely drive my car! The steering was completely useless, and my muffler and who knows what else was dragging on the ground. 

My wonderful roommate came to get me at the place where they towed my car, and she took me to the hospital, where we sat for 4.5 hours total. They put me in a neck brace immediately because of the pain I was in (and that was NOT comfortable!)…they took x-rays, and almost took a cat scan because of something they saw on the x-rays (that made me nervous). However, I’m fine! Praise the Lord!! My entire right side is sore, beyond belief, and I know it will only get worse. But I’m SO glad to be safe. 

Yes, I’m bummed that I might not have my car back, but it’s just a car. I can get another one. I’m just thankful to be injury-free (except for being SOOOO sore!)…

Thank you for your prayers tonight–they were definitely felt. 🙂

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