I’m Going to Alaska!!

I’m really excited, if you couldn’t tell…I’m going to be in Alaska for 10 days in May, for my cousin’s graduation from high school. My aunt is planning on moving to California next summer, so I wanted to go while she still lived there, anyway…and I got an AMAZING deal on airfare, so I just couldn’t resist! Plus, my parents and grandparents (and probably more of my family) are going to be there, so that will be great family time as well…


I can’t wait to spend time taking pictures up there. I was there when I was 8 years old (17 years ago!), so it’s been awhile…and all I really remember was it being -2 one day…seeing a moose in my aunt’s backyard…going around to places like Kenai, Homer, etc…going to the zoo…but I don’t have vivid memories. Now that I’m older–and much more into photography–I can’t wait to go!

I also decided that I’m going to try to get a meeting with Governor Sarah Palin. She should be in Anchorage when I’m there (based upon the legislative schedule), so I figured it’s worth a shot! 🙂

I leave for California in nine days…so I’m very excited about that as well. But, right now, my trip to Alaska is definitely all I’m thinking about 🙂

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