The Results of My Experiments…

So, in order to make these absolutely frigid months bearable, I decided to have some fun. It all started last night when I decided to put a water bottle out on the porch to see how long it would take it to freeze (at 15 degrees): it took 3 hours. I put a water bottle in the freezer at work today, and it took 4 hours and 2o minutes.

Tonight, I put out six bottles (salt water, Gatorade, Raspberry Acai juice, Sunny Delight, milk, and water without a lid).


dsc_1735In the meantime, I tried the boiling water trick someone had told me about. It didn’t freeze in midair, so that was a bummer, but it did freeze VERY quickly.


When there’s ice on the INSIDE of your door, you know it’s way too cold! 🙂


After 2 hours: water without lid was solid.

I blew bubbles, but it wasn’t really exciting. Nothing happened–except I got VERY cold since it was 8 degrees! 🙂

After three hours, the results:

dsc_1758Water and milk: Frozen solid.


Juice and Sunny D: Slushies


Gatorade and salt water: not even close!


So there you go. I am going to leave them out overnight (since it will be around 2 or 3 degrees tonight) to see if they will all be frozen in the morning. 🙂 It’s been interesting!!

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