Photography and Music…

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything!

It’s no secret that I have a passion for photography…I feel so alive, so creative, so joyful when I have my camera in my hands, ready to photograph the world. It is a goal of mine for 2009 to grow in this area–to develop my natural talent and perhaps begin to bring in some income from photography–which typically comes from photoshoots of people, not scenery. In order for this to happen, I’m going to need to start practicing on people (an area in which I’m not very confident)! So, if you live within a couple of hours of me and would like to be a model this spring/summer, please let me know! The shoot would be free, of course, and you’d get a CD with the finished photos. 🙂

My other great passion is music…and, though I hadn’t set out with the goal of “growing” in that area this year, it appears that I am going to be. I was asked to begin playing guitar for my church’s worship team, and I said yes. My first Sunday was two days ago, and I went into it somewhat nervous for a few reasons: One, I have nerve damage in my right arm that has greatly inhibited my growth in playing stringed instruments, so even though I’ve been playing for 13 years, I’m not a professional by any means; Two, for the past six years I didn’t really have to play guitar because my church in Glendora was filled with professional guitarists…so, I was able to focus solely on singing, and really enjoyed that, even though my guitar skills didn’t improve greatly; Three, it was my first time being a part of this worship team here in PA, so that added a bit of nervousness as well.

However, it went splendidly! The worship pastor is SO encouraging and he expressed confidence in my abilities that I truly needed to hear. And, I was able to sing while playing, which also made me more confident, because I know I can sing, whereas I don’t always feel like I can really play the guitar. I am really learning that God can overcome any disability we may have in order for us to be able to serve Him and His people.

This year is becoming one of “filling holes”, and I’m beginning to really love that. 🙂

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