A Few Thoughts…

It’s been a good week…overall 🙂

A few random tidbits:

* I’m apparently allergic to something, as I have developed a rash on my hand that I was told is “contact dermatitus” or something. Awesome. LOL. Now to figure out what it is…

* I’m SO blessed to be a part of a church that is actually healthy, loving, encouraging, and supportive. I feel the Spirit there each and every week, and I leave feeling energized and ready to serve/live for the Lord!

* I love being the new guitar player at my church…

* I have so many ideas about mission projects my church can do this year, and I can’t wait to bring them before the “Missions Committee”…

* It’s 60 degrees today!! I’m totally going to wear flip-flops! And, I really should wash my car…

* I’m really beginning to love Harrisburg…I pray that the Lord will continue to give me a heart for this city in which I now live…

* I’m SO excited about Spring (even though I know we still have a few weeks of Winter left)…my friends and I are planting a garden in my backyard (vegetables), and it will be SO fun! I love fresh produce, and this will provide food for three families.

* I have some new ideas about the direction my photography is going to take this year, and I’m VERY excited about that.

* My windshield wipers have gone insane. I had to pull the fuse out today because they keep going off without me telling them to (for 15 minutes at a time, some times), and it was driving me crazy! I’m hoping it’s not too expensive to get fixed, but I think it’s the wiper motor.

* Life is really great…I’m constantly learning, growing, experiencing new things, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

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