Thoughts on Jon & Kate…

Don’t worry–this is not going to be a speculation on their relationship or anything like that. 🙂

Last night as I watched the “season premiere” of Jon & Kate +8, my heart was broken for this family. I cannot even imagine the stress and strain a couple would go through having eight kids at such a young age (they were in their twenties), nor can I imagine the challenges of living in the limelight while trying to raise your children to walk with the Lord. I also cannot imagine what it must feel like to have so many people start rumors and fill their trashy tabloid papers with pictures and stories that are completely false, trying to ruin your life.

But more than that, I realized something last night. I have lived with people over the years who followed every little tidbit of “celebrity gossip” that they could get their hands on, and I have never been a fan of such garbage. The Bible states that we should not gossip–and I believe that includes people that we don’t know! I’m not perfect in this area–please understand that–but it is something I have been working on for a few years now because I was so deeply convicted.

Last night, it occurred to me that we, as Christians, need to be praying for the Gosselin family. We don’t know the details of their strife, and it honestly doesn’t matter. The Lord knows what is going on in their hearts, and I have decided to pray for them rather than listen to the garbage that surrounds us regarding their relationship.

Can you imagine the difference that we as Christians could make in the lives of public figures by praying for them rather than gossiping about them? I read about a church once that decided to pray fervently for Britney Spears and wrote her letters filled with love and encouragement, rather than gossiping about her. What an amazing concept!!

So, this is where I’m at with the Gosselin family. They need our prayers–and we know that God can heal their relationship and restore peace to their family. Whether or not you agree with their decisions is irrelevant. Our brother and sister in Christ are in trouble, so let’s start praying!!

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