I’ve learned something about myself in the past couple of weeks: I compare myself and my talents to others entirely too much…and because of that, I often have a lack of confidence in myself.

Example: Photography. I have some friends who are incredibly gifted “people photographers”, and I love to learn from their work. Since I tend to focus on scenic photography, taking pictures of people has been intimidating to me. I don’t have a lot of experience with it, which of course makes it uncomfortable. And the biggest problem, I think, has been that I compare my work to the work of others…and then I get frustrated when my pictures don’t look like theirs, instead of appreciating my work for what it is.

Another example: Guitar. When our worship pastor first asked me in January to play guitar for the worship team, I was beyond intimidated. Because I know so many incredibly talented guitar players, I have doubted my ability to play guitar for as long as I’ve been playing (13 years). I know I’m not the best–but I am willing to learn and grow and use my talent for the Lord. After I played that first week, I realized that I loved it, and I wasn’t terrible! I now look forward to being able to serve the Lord with my musical ability each week–and it doesn’t hurt that I get to sing each week, too (singing is the one gift in which I have no problem with confidence, LOL).

Between photographing the Quinceañera this weekend (people pictures) and playing piano for worship this morning (when I hadn’t played in public in about 10 years), I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone, and it made me realize how little confidence I have in myself sometimes. It didn’t go nearly as badly as I expected… 🙂

It’s time to recognize that I am a beloved child of God, and I have gifts and abilities that He has given me…and if He calls me to use them, He will enable me to succeed. 🙂 And all I have to do is say “yes” when He calls. 🙂

One thought on “Comparisons…

  1. hey lesa!
    i totally agree. i’m Really good at comparing myself to others, especially in creative and career capacities. I consider doing stuff, and think, oh I can’t do that… so and so was born to do that and so i’ll let them do it…but am learning to fully embrace all that God has given me and go for it!
    I’ve just added your blog to my reader, should be a nice addition :]
    apu friend :]


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