God is at Work…

I am constantly in awe of how God works in our lives…and how He is working in mine during this time of unemployment.

Two weeks ago, I applied for a job with an organization whose purpose I fully believe in. It was the first job description that I had that I felt “drawn to”, that I could see myself doing with fervor and passion. Last night, a friend called to tell me that his mom works for this organization, and I spoke with her last night; she requested to have lunch with me today in order to get to know me better (so that she can be a reference).

This morning, I had a phone interview, and it went very well! I had lunch with my friend’s mom afterward, and while we were at lunch, the women who had conducted the phone interview walked in! They came over to talk to my friend’s mom, and she introduced me to them. That is not a coincidence! 🙂

During the past two months that I have been unemployed, I have watched God provide for my every need! Just last Friday, I was given an envelope with my name on it (no other writing), with enough money in it to pay half my rent for this month! God promises in His Word to provide for ALL our needs, and He has yet again shown me this first hand.

It is exciting…I may not know where exactly God is leading me, but I know and trust that He is faithful, He is sovereign, and that He loves me. And that is all I need to know. 🙂

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