I love going back and reading old blog posts, especially from the summer of 2004. It was a summer of so much personal and spiritual growth!

Today, as I was looking at my blog for a specific reason, I came across this post from May 29th, 2004:

So I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to post some Elisabeth Elliot quotes…and I will. 🙂 I wish I could post them all, but no one wants to read all of them. So here are a few, my favorites–and the ones that spoke to my heart so clearly.

“Taken in a spirit of trust, even loneliness contributes to the maturing of character, even the endurance of separation and silence and that hardest thing of all, uncertainty, can build in us a steady hope.”

Loneliness is difficult–but it is something we all face at one time or another. God is teaching me each day that I need to find my fulfillment in Him, because no man can complete me fully…only God can. And if I learn to rest in Him, then I will be able to more fully love the man I will marry someday.

“Suppose He should ask me to wait five years? It stuns me to think of it. Yet–could I imagine that the mercy of God which has stretched to me from everlasting to everlasting could be exhausted in five years?”

That quote especially spoke to me because I’ve already been waiting almost 6 years…and often the thought that I might be waiting another 6 makes my heart despair…but this quote has caused me to think a great deal about this, for whomever God has for me will be worth the wait, no matter how long it takes. I just have to be patient, learn to be “content whatever the circumstances” as Paul tells us…because really, what is another 5 years? It’s not like those years will be a waste by any means…so I need to remember that it is okay to be single, it is okay to be uncertain about the future, because God knows and is in control.

I found this worthy of reposting, because that was almost 5 years to the day that I started to become friends with Brennan…my future husband. 🙂 I’m so glad that God prepared my heart even then to wait “another five years”. 🙂 Believe me, he was well worth the wait!

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