Night at the Hotel Hershey…

Brennan won a free night’s stay at one of the cottages at the Hotel Hershey way back in February, and we were SO excited to finally get to use the gift certificate! Of course, this would be the day that I leave my memory cards for my camera at home, forcing us to use our phones to take pictures.

When we checked in, we were given complimentary chocolate bars, and tickets to The Hershey Story (a great museum!) and the Hershey Gardens. We opted to go to the museum, and when we came back we found chocolate-covered strawberries in our room! There was also a card, congratulating us on our wedding. So nice!

We went to dinner at one of the Hotel’s restaurants, and when we came back, they had come back to our room to do “turn-down service”, and left us with slippers (that we were allowed to keep)!

We decided to get room service the next morning, and it was absolutely amazing!

We truly felt like royalty the entire stay, and really enjoyed every moment! The Hotel Hershey is an incredible place to stay, and I am so thankful that we got to experience it!  We were well rested for our Pennsylvania reception the next morning, which was SUCH a blessing! Many thanks to all who made it happen, and to all who came to celebrate with us!

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