Random Thoughts and Happenings…

  • This is my third winter in Pennsylvania, what I consider to be my third “real” winter ever. And I’m already finding that I’m not as excited as I was about the first two. It snowed a little last Friday, and rather than be thrilled and overjoyed–as I was the past two years–I found myself saying things like “oh great”. πŸ™‚ Amazing how quickly the newness of snow can wear off.
  • We are busy. Way too busy for our liking! Starting tonight, we have something to do/somewhere to be every night until the 28th. How does this happen?
  • I really wish we were going to California for Christmas…especially because Papa Fay has Alzheimers, and we don’t know if he’ll remember us next summer. But, I’m excited about possibly having my first “White Christmas” πŸ™‚
  • Our apartment is finally feeling like a “home” as we slowly unpack, rearrange, and get rid of cardboard boxes. πŸ™‚ We caved in last week and turned on the heat a bit, because 54 degrees is about fourteen degrees too cold for us.
  • I started the “thank you note” process the other night…I have 150 cards to write–and while we are both thankful that we get to write these (because we were so blessed by our friends and family!), the number is a bit daunting…as is the etiquette rule that says you have eight weeks to get them to people. We’re at six weeks now. πŸ™‚
  • The band that I am a part of is recording a demo this weekend, as there are a few venues that have opened up to us, but they require a demo CD. Thankfully, our “leader” has a recording studio in his basement. It’s been SO fun to play/sing in this band–but it has definitely challenged me and taken me out of my comfort zone at times. Three gigs last week alone…and more to come.
  • I have raised 9% of the $2,300 for the 3-day walk that I am doing in October! Still selling calendars!
  • All in all, life is good. We are loving being married, and have determined that it is far better than engaged life. There is nothing like starting and ending every day with the one you love most. πŸ™‚

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