I used to blog all the time. Lately, I write posts in my head all the time but they never end up on the blog.

I was thinking today about one that I wrote in January 2010 regarding Winter, and I thought it was worth re-posting a portion of it:

My most recent pondering has been about Winter. As this is only my second “true” Winter (since I lived in California for 25 years), I am still adjusting to months of frigid temperatures, white powder covering the ground, and salt on the roads. Winter is bleak, yet beautiful. More than anything, Winter has taught me to fully appreciate Spring, Summer, and Fall. Someone recently described Winter as a time when God allows His creation to rest…a time for the ground to cease growth, and even a time for humans to spend time inside resting, enjoying the warmth and the time not spent tending gardens, mowing lawns, etc. Winter makes us more passionate about the other three seasons, and gives us greater joy at their arrival. I still marvel at all four seasons, recognizing that God didn’t have to create four–He could have kept things constant and thereby boring, and we would have never known the difference. This is yet another way God shows us that we are loved. :)

I post this mostly as an encouragement to myself, because I am not enjoying winter this year. It was 11 degrees when I left for work this morning. Bitter cold. I long for warmth…

It’s amazing how quickly my sentiments toward winter have changed. This is shown through the amount of pictures I have taken each winter since 2008 (slowly decreasing), as well as the amount of times I have blogged about it. 🙂

In January 2009, I posted this about my experiments with freezing liquids:

In December 2008, I was thrilled with new weather terminology:

Now I am taking Vitamin D3 and hoping that it’s a mild, warm winter.

All in all, I still know that I am called to be here, and that God never gives us more than we can handle. 🙂 Yet, I still don’t feel like embracing this frigid season…thankfully it’s only three months out of the year!

2 thoughts on “Winter…

  1. Your heart is tender to resort to thankfulness in this season that is uncomfortable for you. God is faithful and teaches in all things when our heart is eager to seek Him. Thanks for posting, always enjoy keeping up with your posts. So no need in keeping them in your head, sit and hit the enter button. : )


  2. Lesa I totally know how you feel having spent only one “real” winter in North Dakota I am so thankful for the other three seasons and am actually grateful to be back home in California where the only snow is on the mountains that surround our beautiful home town. And even though it has been a very mild winter for here I still am looking forward to Spring and planting a garden and watching every thing turn green again. Praying that the rest of your winter is warmer that it has been. Love and miss you Susan


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