Finish Year Update: Mid-February

Biggest update is that we have an emergency fund! This means that we’re officially on “Baby Step 2” (because we skipped #1 initially…sorry, Dave Ramsey!). I’ll post another update at the end of the month–I was just excited to have finished a goal!

Brennan and Lesa:
* Finish one book a month (minimum)

Brennan: Reading “1941”

Lesa: Finished “Bad Girls of the Bible“, “The Great Divorce“, and “Untamed” so far…

* Finish funding emergency fund ($1,000)
Open new savings account specifically for the emergency fund

* Finish paying off credit cards by December 2012

We made larger than normal payments on our two remaining credit cards.

* Finish using all Groupons/gift certificates
make a list and schedule on calendar as “date nights”

 * Finish protecting important documents by purchasing a “fire safe”

We have started to research safes, and we are saving up to purchase one.


* Finish losing 30 pounds and keep it off permanently

* Finish organizing clothes in bedroom (i.e. figure out solution with tiny closet) and keep them organized
Traveling so much lately has made keeping things organized a challenge, but we’re going to be home consistently for at least a while now…

* Finish YouVersion Bible reading plan

* Send 60 thank you notes this year (5 per month); finish sending wedding thank you notes (30 left…terrible, I know!)

I sent 7 during the month of January…1 in February so far…

* Finish purchasing “secret sister” gifts so that I am always prepared

I began making a plan for each month, including a budget, but have not purchased any gifts yet.

* Finish organizing attic and put everything in plastic containers for protection from mice/temperatures

This one might have to wait until Spring, because it’s REALLY cold in our attic…

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