Emptying the Storehouse: Week Two

This is the second week of us cooking and eating only what we have in the house–no grocery shopping (except for fresh produce)! I decided to call it “Emptying the Storehouse” because it sounded better than “Eating from the Pantry” or anything else that came to mind.

I should have known that I wouldn’t end up sticking to a specific daily menu plan. 🙂

So far, we’re only out of a few things (such as plain frozen fruit, which I use for smoothies) and running low on a few others, so the creativity begins!

I will post links to recipes whenever I have them–some are from cookbooks that I only have in print.

Actual Dinner Menu for Week One:

Sunday: Breakfast burritos and smoothies for brunch; dinner at church

Monday: Easy Garden Bake

Tuesday: Hungry Girl’s macaroni and cheese (added broccoli) and “Corndog Millionaire Muffins” (Hungry Girl)

Wednesday: Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos with black beans

Thursday: (I honestly can’t remember what we ate)

Friday-Saturday: Lancaster County get-away

Sunday: Chicken and black bean quesadillas for lunch; Sautéed fresh vegetables (asparagus, zucchini, grape tomatoes, onion) and spinach berry smoothies for dinner.


Planned Dinner Menu for Week Two:

Monday: Chicken Tortilla Soup (family recipe–crock-pot)

Tuesday: Strawberry Spinach Salad and some kind of baked bread

Wednesday:  Pasta with steamed vegetables (we love Ronzoni’s Garden Delight pasta) 

Thursday: Dinner out (mystery shop)

Friday: Leftovers from the week

Saturday: Out of town (Disaster Relief training)

Sunday: Applesauce Chicken (crock-pot) with steamed vegetables and quinoa/rice


Breakfasts consist of any of the following: cereal, smoothies, breakfast burritos, baked oatmeal, etc.

Lunches during the week (for me) are either leftovers, smoothies, or salads. Brennan is able to eat at work.



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