Emptying the Storehouse: Update

I have been terrible about blogging about this experiment! It is the last day of April and I haven’t said a word about it in weeks.

Well, we made it through the month of April without grocery shopping (with the exception of fresh produce and milk)!

I will admit that I did have to pick up some cheese because we ran out. But, other than that, we really did well with sticking to this goal, and we STILL have a lot of food left! That’s partially because we did a few mystery shops this month, and we were at MHS for one weekend (where we are fed). And, one of the meals made enough to feed us for three nights, so that used even less food!

We’re thinking that we might just keep this going until we’re out of food completely, but we’ll see. We are out of chicken and beef, and out of cheese except for the little bit that I bought the other day, so I’m having to be more creative (which is challenging given our schedule right now).

If nothing else, this has helped me to step away from the thrill of couponing (which is easily addicting) for a while. I will still use coupons, of course, but I never want to have a stockpile like many people I’ve seen in news articles. I only want to have what we will use or give away.

I’ll keep you posted on what we decide to do next!


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