Finish Year Update: May

Brennan and Lesa:

  • Finish one book a month (minimum)

Brennan:  Finished “Game Plan for Life” and “Date Your Wife“…and is reading “The Fourth Fisherman” currently.

Lesa: Finished “It Was Kitty’s Idea” by Joseph Brechbill, “Love Does” by Bob Goff, “My Big Bottom Blessing” by Teasi Cannon, “The Fourth Fisherman” by Joe Kissack, “By Faith, Not By Sight” by Scott MacIntyre, and “Winning Balance” by Shawn Johnson.

  • Finish paying off credit cards by December 2012

We have paid off 67% of our credit card debt!

  • Finish using all Groupons/gift certificates

make a list and schedule on calendar as “date nights”

We have 4 Groupons and 1 gift card left to use (just bought one). Making progress!

We started with 12 Groupons and 4 gift cards.


  • Finish losing 30 pounds and keep it off permanently

I have lost 8 lbs…still.

  • Finish YouVersion Bible reading plan

  • Send 30 thank you notes this year; finish sending wedding thank you notes

I have sent 12 thank you notes this year! I decided to adjust the goal down to 30 from 60.

  • Finish purchasing “secret sister” gifts

  • Finish organizing attic and put everything in plastic containers for protection from mice/temperatures

  • Finish protecting important documents by purchasing a “fire safe”
  • Finish funding emergency fund ($1,000)
    Open new savings account specifically for the emergency fund
  • Finish organizing clothes in bedroom (i.e. figure out solution with tiny closet)

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