Practical Products I Love: “Working Hands”

I have inherited a tendency toward really dry heels in the summer (thanks, Dad!), and some summers are worse than others. In May, I started to notice that the thick calluses were already developing, much to my dismay. I mentioned this to my Mom one day on the phone, and she said that I “just had to try” this new product they found at Home Depot (of all places to get skin-care products!). So, Brennan and I went that week and I’ve been using it regularly since then.

The product is called “Working Hands” but it works on feet as well. They do make a foot product but I wasn’t able to find that at Home Depot. This product is found in the paint section.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream, 3.4 oz.

The verdict: IT WORKS. Amazingly. My heels are back to normal after less than a month of using it at night (not even every day, because I forget sometimes). It has no scent and it doesn’t leave your feet greasy at all.

For less than $8, I have saved myself the cracking skin that causes pain!  I highly recommend this if you have dry skin on your hands or feet!

One thought on “Practical Products I Love: “Working Hands”

  1. I love the Working Hands cream too and you just gave me an idea. My how the Gogos in Swaziland could use this on their hands and feet. I am willing to bet that I could get Home Depot and Lowes to donate some that I can take on my next trip to Swaziland. God has me hooked for life with the struggling widows and orphans of Swaziland.

    I too live in Harrisburg, Pa. I am a member of New Hope B.I.C. Church near Linglestown. We started two years ago working with AIM in Swaziland. It is one of our church members that is working with Seth Barnes on the Sustainable Farming idea. My wife Janine and I would love to talk with and meet both of you. It would be great to share stories and callings and compare notes. Email me at if you are interested.

    God bless!


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