Finish Year Update: July

July was an incredibly busy month, but we did make some progress!

Brennan and Lesa:

  • Finish one book a month (minimum)

Brennan: Finished “Wyatt Earp”…

Lesa: I am SO far behind on my reading.

Finish paying off credit cards by December 2012

We have paid off 74.49% of our credit card debt and are down to ONE CARD!

  • Finish using all Groupons/gift certificates

make a list and schedule on calendar as “date nights”

We have 6 Groupons left to use. Making progress!

We started with 12 Groupons and 4 gift cards, and we’ve bought some since we started this.


  • Finish losing 30 pounds and keep it off permanently

I really need to work on this…we’re going to start going to the gym in the morning soon!

  • Finish YouVersion Bible reading plan

  • Send 30 thank you notes this year; finish sending wedding thank you notes

I have sent 12 thank you notes this year!

  • Finish purchasing “secret sister” gifts

  • Finish organizing attic and put everything in plastic containers for protection from mice/temperatures

  • Finish protecting important documents by purchasing a “fire safe”
  • Finish funding emergency fund ($1,000)
    Open new savings account specifically for the emergency fund
  • Finish organizing clothes in bedroom (i.e. figure out solution with tiny closet)

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