Practical Products I Love: Carbonite

While I am not someone who is paranoid about things, there is one thing that used to always concern me: losing my pictures. Though I have never lost any data/pictures due to computer failure, I have always been concerned that something would happen and I would lose all of my work.

A few years ago I discovered Carbonite, and it has delivered such peace of mind! It automatically backs up everything on my computer through the Internet–and I don’t have to do anything! This proved especially helpful when the screen on my laptop died in 2009 and I had to get a new computer. I was able to download Carbonite onto the new computer and it moved everything over for me! This saved me hours (as well as tons of CDs) of valuable time.

I highly recommend Carbonite for data back-up. It’s more reliable and more secure than an external hard-drive and it requires no effort on your part. It’s $55 a year, which is a bargain. AND, if you sign up through this link you and I will both receive a $20 gift card!

Carbonite Online Backup - The better backup plan.

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