Day Twelve: I’m Thankful For…Technology.

Preface: I thought it was fitting to express my thanks during the month of November for something new each day, as so many others have done before me. I’ve never taken the time to do this, and it will be a challenge to blog each day, but it’s so important to recognize the blessings God has given us! 🙂 These are in NO particular order…

While technology can be both a blessing and a curse, it serves as a tremendous blessing to me as I live 3,000 miles away from most of my family. I am so thankful that I can communicate with them effortlessly through phone/text/e-mail/Facebook, etc. I especially love playing games like Words with Friends with them because that really makes the distance seem shorter. Through sharing photos and stories on Facebook, I feel like I don’t miss much by living 3,000 miles away.

I am thankful that God has given humans the mental ability to create things that are so amazing. I pray that I will always be wise in my use of technology and that I will never overuse it.

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